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It's not about being pagan but about being human and in touch with reality--and reality, the kind that has always been essentially the same and never changes, doesn't care whether you like it or not.

And yes, Franklin, your list of Zeus paramours is incomplete. You can add the nymph Aegina (to whom he presented as an eagle), for one, and I expect there are others.

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Oh, there's no genius. Too unfair. Just like there's no superior eye or taste. Too elitist (except for "major" collectors with major money, who always have a great eye). I expect klutzy fat people will be cast in leading classical ballet roles any day now--as long as they identify with the characters, of course.

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With someone like Weems (who need not be female or black), the key issue is not the quality of the art as such but how well the artist fits a certain desired profile, and evidently she fits it very well. That is not actually her doing, no matter how much she plays along with or into it. It's a systemic issue.

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