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Arrogance? Oh, no; you're just failing to recognizance righteousness, as of course your kind would. Progressives cannot be arrogant, just as non-whites cannot be racist. Lord, the disgust.

As for Harrison, he lost me at the ridiculous "Latinx." My ancestry is all Spanish (though given how often I've been taken for Jewish, I cannot exclude some converso or marrano element), and I don't accept the "Latino" or even the "Latin" label. "Latin" in that sense is a 19th century invention of largely or at least partial French origin, which has nothing to do with indigenous peoples and was certainly not their idea. I'm actually surprised the term has not been rejected as as a form of European paternalism. As far as I'm concerned, Latin only applies to the inhabitants of ancient Latium and their descendants. And yes, for Harrison to presume to label me "Latinx" is not only arrogant but insulting.

As for the woman originally known as Caryn Johnson, she lost me at Whoopi, let alone Goldberg.

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People get what they deserve, Franklin.

The Jews shouldn't have been so arrogant (the Greek hubris that invites Nemesis [punishment]) to take on the Roman Empire. They were scattered; and paid a terrible price for their hubris. They could have kept their heads down and maybe ended up like the Maronites.

Certain white men were arrogant enough to overthrow their own natural divine order and replace it with an insane concept they had the temerity to call The Age of Reason; and constructed a mirage called human rights. They are now paying the price for their hubris and are being laid waste by Nemesis.

I'm not trying to say men should not be held accountable for their actions. Just the opposite. I'm saying life is unfair; the Apollonian hero mocked by the chorus of Dionysian satyrs. Human life is tragic.

Eventually, the wokesters will meet their Nemesis.

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Another glaring thing people like Harrison seem oblivious to is their puritanical self-righteousness, though at least the Puritans were motivated by religious conviction, while the progressive crowd is at least partly motivated by a mixture of opportunism and fear which is anything but pretty.

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