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Have been a subscriber to TNC for some time, an important publication. I look forward to your reviews.

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The photos (especially the one from TNC) don't exactly make my mouth water, but I'm not included in most target audiences. However, reading your take on what you saw is of interest, even if only of an anthropological kind. So, if you would, please arrange for me to get a copy of your roundup. Thanks.

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Regarding PAMM (then MAM) and how it got taxpayer funding for its coveted new building, despite its lackluster collection and track record, I expect you recall my corresponding ire from discussions on the old Artblog site at the time. My ire never really abated, as it was never given reason to do so. Initially, I upheld my dignity by never visiting the new facility unless there was free admission, and then only very selectively, but eventually I basically gave up on it. Thus, my ire became a sleeping albeit nasty dog.

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Glad you had a nice time with the art nerds at the Tropic Bound Artist’s Book Fair in Miami. I have a soft spot for art nerds, but then again, I am one. Of course, there are different kinds. I'm the sort that's into being an art detective, so to speak, but don't get me started. You'll never hear the end of it.

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Thank you for the gentillesse of sending on your TNC piece, Franklin, which I enjoyed for your writing, as expected. In terms of what you covered, I was primarily interested in what you reported about PAMM (whose acronym sounds much better than its full name) and Miami's private museums.

While the Rubells are not santos de mi devoción, as they say in Miami (though practically nobody is), they are very good at their game, which elicits a certain respect. They are clearly better at it than PAMM is at theirs, despite ostensibly being the city's premier art venue. The fact is it has been a disappointment ever since it opened (and I could say worse). Diop is far better than Wiley (as in no comparison), but that pool thing by Erlich would not even amuse me--too much of a gimmick (full disclosure: I disdain surrealism). If I were the Rubells, I would certainly look down my nose at PAMM.

For the rest, the de la Cruz outfit strikes me as earnest and committed but relatively stodgy or plodding (it's hard to out-dance the Rubells on the same turf), and Margulies is pretty much as you said. As for Miami being an "art city," I gave it every possible chance and it failed me, so I walked away, and I can no longer be bothered--I've found vastly better alternatives that justify my love.

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