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Ms. bélidor was essentially lured by MMFA into taking a job which was not right for her. She was also not right for the museum in terms of what any art museum should be about, but obviously priorities have changed rather dramatically, and not to the benefit of art per se. She was basically used so that MMFA could project a certain fashionably PC image, and the museum is absolutely responsible for that and for the outcome. In other words, this was a sociopolitical matter, not an art-based decision, and as such it shows MMFA (like many other such entities) in a very poor light. Of course, this is all my own opinion, and I am exceedingly skeptical, not to say contemptuous, of fashionista behavior in general.

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Good luck with that, Franklin, no matter how accurate and well-intentioned it may be. I very much doubt you'll get any takers from the women in question. As for the eunice bélidor story, which is indeed sad, I place most if not all of the blame squarely on the museum involved. However, based on my clearly negative experience with people of both sexes in jobs for which they were either quite unqualified or unsuited or both, I have little or no sympathy for anyone who accepts, let alone seeks, such an unjustifiable and inevitably unsuccessful (or worse) mismatch. It so happens that the worst instance of that in my personal experience involved a (white) woman. Still, nice try.

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